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Modern consumers expect innovative, digital services. The digital receipt is one of them and can be easily implemented.


Digital receipts are just a few steps away

eMailBon can be used by all POS systems and be easily integrated by your POS manufacturer.

The requirements for issuing digital receipts are minimal. This is because the eMailBon extension can be integrated quickly and simply into almost any POS system. You can then immediately start issuing digital receipts, which are only briefly cached on the server, and can provide them to your customers in several different ways.

Provide the receipt in whichever way the customer wants.

Receipt via email

Simply send your customers an email with the receipt directly to their inbox.

QR code on the customer display

Display a QR code on the customer display that contains a link to the receipt and which can be accessed using the app or any other QR code reader.

QR code printout

Instead of the receipt, print the QR code generated by eMailBon, which contains a link to the receipt. The customer can then get the receipt themselves at a later point.


Simple has been designed as an extension to all POS systems and is provided as an easy-to-connect microservice.

Stable and secure

The system's interfaces have been optimized in terms of performance, security and simplicity.


Each receipt that you don't print saves thermal paper. This reduces your costs and shows your customers that you take environmental protection seriously.

Personalized for each retailer

Of course, your customers will receive the email containing the receipt directly from you as the sender and in your corporate design.

No data is stored

For cost, security and data protection reasons, as well as to avoid any conflicts with existing reward programs, the receipts are not stored long term.

Issuing a receipt is mandatory.

Why is this relevant?

As of 1 January 2020, all retailers - from bakeries to hairdressers to pharmacies - must issue a receipt if they have an electronic POS system.

We should not be cutting down trees unnecessarily for receipts.

Vast amounts of paper are needed to produce receipts. Until now, most retailers have had to use chemically treated thermal paper for this purpose and this is considered residual waste rather than waste paper. The receipt obligation means that additional waste will be produced and this can easily be avoided.

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The integration of the eMailBon plugin is simple. We are already supported by the following POS solution providers:

The leading international provider of solutions for large and medium-sized retail chains with more than 300,000 installations worldwide.

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The innovative cloud solution for small retailers, restaurateurs and tradespeople looking for more than just a standard solution.

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AWEK GmbH's euroSUITE is a solution for medium-sized businesses designed for the head office, for branch management, and for POS systems. It ensures your success through reliability, innovation and customer orientation.

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Deutsche Fiskal is your trusted partner for the implementation of German fiscalization. Cloud solution, hardware solution or hybrid variant? Put your faith in a partner with many years of experience who can provide you with maximum flexibility from a single source.

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Think before you (let) print...

Every contribution that makes our world a simpler and better place counts. Printed receipts belong in a museum, not in the modern world.