Digital receipts are here is your retailer-independent app for digital receipts.

Simple, convenient and environmentally friendly.

Farewell paper chaos

Modern receipts are digital!

In the age of digitalization, it is increasingly clear that paper receipts are a thing of the past. Modern customers are looking for an alternative to printed receipts which, when you finally need them, have often turned yellow and are barely legible. Today, photos and letters are already predominantly digital. With eMailBon, the receipt has also arrived in the 21st century.

Your data, your decision!

eMailBon is not a reward program! We just want to prevent mountains of paper from being produced and make it easier to protect the environment.

Most receipts are discarded by customers and end up in the trash. Something can be done about that. We have made it possible for the receipt to be sent to a smartphone or inbox without much effort. No complex login process, no registration, no data collection - just using your smartphone. Large amounts of paper waste can be avoided and most retailers can play a part in this with very little effort.

How it works

Severeal POS systems already support sending receipts by email.


Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to your smartphone.


Enter your email address(es) for the receipts in the app.


Scan the generated QR code at the checkout when you next go shopping.

You will receive the receipt as an email in your inbox – there is no need to print anything.

If your retailer's POS system does not yet support eMailbon, you can recommend that their POS system provider gets in contact with us.

We are happy to help.

We should not be cutting down trees unnecessarily for receipts.

Vast amounts of paper are needed to produce receipts. Until now, most retailers have had to use chemically treated thermal paper for this purpose and this is considered residual waste rather than waste paper. The receipt obligation means that additional waste will be produced and this can easily be avoided.

Think before you (let) print...

Every contribution that makes our world a simpler and better place counts. Printed receipts belong in a museum, not in the modern world.